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EEBS have worked exclusively in support of the construction industry since 2001. The aim of the business, both then and now, is to help construction firms remain both compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed sub-contractors, and to remain commercially competitive. In the 18 years that we have operated, we have constantly updated our business model, contracts, operating procedures and terms of business, in response to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We continue to invest significant time, money and expertise into our business to ensure that we can offer clients fully compliant solutions. EEBS offer clients a solid, robust, HMRC compliant solution which has never been challenged by the tax authorities, and includes a 100% guarantee to protect clients, and their businesses from the threats they face in order to maintain a compliant workforce.

We specialise in working with small to medium contractors to help them retain as much commercial flexibility as legislation allows, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Our approach is relationship focused; we work with you to overcome issues you may face and to find suitable bespoke solutions that saves you time, money allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

What Makes EEBS Different?

Longevity. We are the grandfathers of our industry, we offer experience, knowledge and a comprehensive guarantee.

Nick Pilgrim – Managing director

Our People

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Nick Pilgrim

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Nick Pilgrim and Mike Holmes set up EEBS in 2001, prior to this Nick spent 20 years as an Engineer working for Royal Mail across a range of corporate and executive roles. As a trained Engineer, Nick possesses strong interpersonal and leaderships skills, he’s highly disciplined with a no-nonsense, logical and practical approach to work, all of these key skills were transferable from Industry to HR.

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Subsequently to his career as an Engineer Nick has developed an extensive understanding of the legal framework that affects the Construction Industry, specialising in employment-related issues, he is a recognised expert in his field. Over the last 18 years, Nick has experienced over 40 client investigations by HMRC and to date, neither EEBS nor their clients have ever been challenged by the Revenue. Nick has also won 11/11 employment tribunals on behalf of EEBS clients. EEBS offers a fully compliant solution which has been reviewed by HMRC without any issues. Nick offers invaluable experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, providing clients with confidence and 100% compliant solutions, guaranteed. Nick is driven to help small and medium contractors to maintain a level playing field with their larger competitors. If you have concerns or questions about your current payroll set up you can contact Nick today on 01245 493832 or he will happily answer your questions and advise you on an appropriate solution.

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Mike Homes

Chairman & Co-Founder

Unique at time of conception, the bespoke service provided by EBBS was the brainchild of our founder Mike Holmes. Having managed employment agencies and payrolls, at the highest level, for over 30 years Mike’s continued involvement in the business lends unparalleled legal, technical problem solving experience. Mike is a Fellow of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and an expert in Employment Law and International Tax.

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Colette Rayner

Associate Director of Development

Colette heads the EEBS Sales and Marketing Team, she is a successful Business Development Manager with 20 years experience. Colette’s role is to work with each client to understand their individual needs and concerns, guide them through the setup process from start to finish, ensuring that all of their requirements are met and their questions are answered, and ultimately provide them with a seamless service and a simple solution. Contact Colette to find out how EEBS can help you and your business today. or 01245 493832

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Toni Swanborough

Payroll Manager

Toni and her team are responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the EEBS bespoke payroll service and verifying each sub-contractor with HMRC. Toni helps clients to navigate the timesheet portal and is in charge of verifying each sub-contractor with HMRC. The payroll team works with small, medium and large construction firms to remove the burden of complex payroll issues that surround the construction industry. Whatever the company size, EEBS is proud to provide the same superior service that is above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Toni is the first point of contact for any payroll related questions or 01245 493832

Toni has a ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management, Sage 50 Payroll Level 1 & 2 and is currently studying AAT and Sage 50 professional qualification.

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Connie Walker


Connie re-joins the EEBS team after 11 months maternity leave.  We are delighted to announce Connie’s new role as Compliance Manager.  Connie previously headed up the Payroll Team as Payroll Manager, and has been working with the company for over 5 years and has the following qualifications:

AAT Accounting Level 3
AAT Bookkeeping Level 3

With EEBS continuing to grow as a business, Connie’s new position, adds a crucial element to the team.  Connie will work alongside the Payroll Team, assisting and advising new, and existing clients to ensure that they follow and adhere to strict compliance regulations.

Should you have any compliance related questions please contact Connie at who will be happy to help you.

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Sophia Letchfield


Sophia joined the team in September 2019 fresh out of college after completing a Level 3 National Diploma in Business. Sophia is a valued member of the EEBS team, and her knowledge of accounts, payroll and compliance has rapidly grown in such short period of time. Sophia has just successfully completed an advanced Customer Service Diploma and continues to learn, whilst putting these new skills into practice.

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