14 January , 2021

EEBS Celebrate 20 Years of Tax Protection

EEBS has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary! A lot has happened since we started supplying our services to the construction industry! Here is a quick...

11 January , 2021
Industry News

THE VAT Reverse Charge Scheme Explained

The new VAT Reverse Charge Scheme comes into effect on the 1st March 2021. Where it applies the effect of the scheme is to...

23 November , 2020
Industry News

Brexit to Heavily Impact Construction Workforces

One of the perennial issues we face in the industry is a lack of skilled or properly trained tradesmen, which, as we all know...

22 October , 2020
Industry News

HMRC publish VAT Reverse Charge Scheme Guidance.

As previously mentioned, and after a number of delays it appears that the VAT Reverse Charge Scheme will go ahead next spring and HMRC...

30 September , 2020
Industry News

EEBS remain one step ahead..

Over the last few months EEBS have been working with our tax advisors to completely overhaul our compliance policies and practices to ensure that...

2 September , 2020
Industry News

Self-employed? No deduction statement means no rebate! Or worse!

If you are self-employed and paid through the CIS and your contractor deducts 20% of your wages they must, by law, give you a...

29 July , 2020
Industry News

To Cut a Long Story Short

You have to love the press – never let the facts (or lack of them) get in the way of a story. So...

10 June , 2020
Industry News

VAT Reverse Charge Scheme Delayed – Again!

HMRC announced last week that another impact of the Covid 19 pandemic is that the already delayed implementation of the VAT Reverse Charge Scheme...

28 April , 2020
Industry News

Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme

If you're self-employed or a member of a partnership in the UK and have lost income due to coronavirus (COVID-19) then you can access...

21 April , 2020
Industry News

How HMRC will audit the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

As expected the Revenue are making plans to spot check and audit UK businesses that make use of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Below...

21 April , 2020
Industry News

Latest Guidance on COVID 19 Job Retention Scheme

On 4 April 2020, Government published updated guidance on the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) “Claim for your employees’ wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention...

8 April , 2020
Industry News

COVID 19 – Information Hub for the Construction Industry.

There is so much information already published on the internet below you will find links to guidance and advice that we have found helpful...

8 April , 2020
Industry News

EEBS Open for Business

EEBS will remain open for business throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.  Our service to clients will be to process payroll and complete individual tax returns...

18 March , 2020
Industry News

Government announce delay to IR35

Government have confirmed off-payroll reforms postponed until 6 April 2021 due to COVID-19

21 February , 2020
Industry News

The VAT Reverse charge is coming! Are you ready?

From 1 October 2020, the VAT reverse charge will be introduced for VAT-registered contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. Simply put, these rules...

30 January , 2020

The start of the Good Work Plan to be introduced

The 6th of April is a big day for legislation as ten of ‘the good work plan’ recommendations will be introduced. These could have...

30 January , 2020
Industry News

IR35 – Additional Draft Legislation

Although the Government recently announced a review of (and possible delay to) the new Off Payroll (IR35) Rules; last week HMRC published additional draft...

19 November , 2019
EEBS News, Industry News

Case Study: Employment v Self-Employment Costs

EEBS looks at the costs of an employed workforce v self-employed workforce.

19 November , 2019
Industry News

Confused By IR35? EEBS Can Help.

The off-payroll working rules (IR35) apply if a worker provides their services through their own Limited/Personal Service Company (PSC), but would be classed as...

9 September , 2019
Industry News

VAT Reverse Charge Delayed!

We are pleased to advise you that HMRC announced late Friday afternoon that the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge will now be delayed until October...

18 June , 2019
Industry News

How good is your due diligence?

Using a payroll intermediary or a labour supplier? Then HMRC’s guidance on the due diligence is important reading. Here's a summary of what...

25 April , 2019
Industry News

CIS Case Study: The Devil is in the Detail

I recently came across the following case study discussing the potential penalties and implications for even genuine mistakes in the miss administration of CIS...

27 March , 2019
Industry News

Reverse Charge VAT for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

As of the 1st October 2019 the Government are introducing a reverse charge VAT scheme into the construction industry as an anti-theft measure, intended...

27 March , 2019
Industry News

Off Payroll IR35 Rules

Nothing to see here – move along please!! As we all probably know already, the IR35 off payroll rules that the Government introduced...

25 March , 2019
Industry News

Yet another twist in the increasingly rancorous Pimlico Plumbers case!

If you remember, this case is where Mr Smith, a plumber engaged under a self-employed contract by Pimlico Plumbers claimed that he was a...

11 March , 2019
Industry News

Employment Status Urban Myths – What’s True, & what’s False?

Nick Pilgrim, Managing Director at EEBS Limited, a leading payroll specialist for the Construction Industry looks at a few popular urban myths concerning the...

7 January , 2019
Industry News

Legislation – out with old in with the new!

Just before the Christmas holidays the Government unveiled it’s ‘Good work plan’, in response to the four consultations which were published in February 2018...

6 December , 2018
Industry News

Lighthouse launch App to support construction worker’s mental health

The statistics are grim, two construction workers take their own life every single working day and stress, anxiety and depression currently accounts for a...

5 December , 2018
Industry News

HMRC’s own compliance tool found wanting (again!)

For many of us in the industry it will be of little surprise to hear that HMRC’s online Contractor Employment Status Tool (CEST) has...

22 November , 2018
Industry News

Support The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

This year EEBS are supporting the incredible Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.  If you haven't heard of them then please take a minute to find...

22 November , 2018
Industry News

What are the implications from the Addison Lee case?

Last week Addison Lee lost its Employment Tribunal appeal against the decision that its London based drivers were workers rather than engaged under fully...

8 November , 2018
Industry News

Well, there maybe one thing to thank Brexit for?!

Other than the much forecast (by us and many others) introduction of the deemed employment regulation (IR35) into the public sector, and then only...

21 September , 2018
Industry News

Gross Payment Status – How to get it, and how to lose it!

Gross payment status allows contractors to take control of their own cash flow throughout the tax period and can dramatically improve reputation. Rather than...

11 September , 2018
EEBS News, Industry News

EEBS on Trial | Claims for Holiday Pay Rocket

This summer we have seen first-hand a marked increase in the number of HMRC inspections.  Three of our long term clients have experienced revenue...

6 August , 2018

EEBS CIS payroll experts return to FMB Members Conference

This September EEBS are delighted to be joining the FMB and their members for their National Conference in Bournemouth, the event will be held...

18 July , 2018
Industry News

EEBS Answer your CIS Payroll Questions to Camera

In this short film, Nick Pilgrim, Managing Director talks everything EEBS and CIS payroll. From it's beginnings 17 years ago, the challenges that construction...

14 June , 2018
Industry News

Pimlico plumbers lose (again) but who are the real winners and losers?

It comes as no surprise and the result has been long predicted by EEBS that Gary Smith has finally had his employment tribunal decision...

18 May , 2018
Industry News

General Data Protection Regulation

As you are probably aware as of Friday 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This applies to how EEBS...

8 May , 2018
Industry News

HMRC Inspections on the Rise – What’s the Answer?

We are hearing from both existing and potential clients of an increase in HMRC inspection activity across the construction industry, and as the four...

24 April , 2018

EEBS join the FMB for London & Southern Counties Members Conference

On Friday 20th April, EEBS CIS Payroll Team joined the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and their members at the De Vere Estate, Windsor...

13 February , 2018
Industry News

Summary of the Taylor Review

Summary of the Government response to both the Taylor Review, and the Framework for Modern Employment report from the Work and Pensions Committee and...

8 February , 2018
Industry News

Will sub-contractors become “Workers” by default?

As EEBS predicted the Government has just confirmed that the recommendations of the Taylor Review will be implemented in full. The draft legislation...

17 January , 2018
Industry News

2018: Employment Status – Does it look like Duck?

With the crash of Carillion still ringing in our ears, 2018 already looks like being a significant year for the construction industry. The only...

16 January , 2018

EEBS Join Professional Builder LIVE! Alexandra Palace 31st Jan – 1st Feb

EEBS are kicking off new the year with a visit to the Professional Builder Live & The Tool Fair. The payroll team love nothing...

23 November , 2017
Industry News

Deliveroo Win! Uber Lose! What to expect next…

After an interesting week with the media heavily reporting on employment status and self-employment within the UK, Nick Pilgrim, CIS Payroll Specialist and Managing...

30 August , 2017

EEBS on tour – Have your CIS compliance questions answered!

2017 has seen a large focus from government and the media on self-employment within the construction industry, EEBS will be updating and offering advice...

7 August , 2017
Industry News

Win a luxury 2 night stay in Soho, London

EEBS CIS payroll would like to offer you and 5 friends, the chance to win an exciting city-break in the beating heart of London,...

1 August , 2017
Industry News

Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees “illegal”

On the 26th July the Supreme Court ruled that the government’s employment tribunal fees are “illegal”, and prevent fair access to justice. That legislation will...

25 July , 2017
Industry News

What’s missing from the Taylor Review?

The Taylor review of modern working practices was recently published, to mixed, but predictable comment. The Federation for small businesses has cautiously welcomed the...

17 May , 2017
Industry News

Who chooses your employment status? You, or the Inland Revenue?

The status of self-employed workers is a hot topic in the industry at the moment with regular cases going to court. Millions of construction...

8 May , 2017
Industry News

What does the Work & Pensions Committee have to say about self-employment and the gig economy?

One of the last acts of the current Government was to publish the Works and Pensions Committee report on their inquiry on self-employment and...

19 April , 2017
Industry News

Will Self-Employment and the Gig Economy feature in the snap election?

So far, 2017 has seen an unprecedented degree of pressure and a raft of new policies and regulations for companies that engage self-employed tradesmen...

27 March , 2017
Industry News

CITB Levy – Take the opportunity to have your say!

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is embarking on the biggest consultation the organisation has ever undertaken, with all in-scope employers being asked to...

6 March , 2017
Industry News

CIS Payroll Compliance – Did you know?

Did you know that there are two strands of employment law? One for tax, with a different court taking responsibility for Employment Rights. ...

14 February , 2017
Industry News

Pimlico Plumbers lose employment status argument at appeal court

Recently, a case regarding the company Pimlico Plumbers has re-ignited the debate over self-employment within the industry. Nick Pilgrim, specialist payroll talks about...

6 February , 2017
EEBS News, Industry News

EEBS to join Professional Builder Magazine at PRO BUILDER LIVE!

The new tax year is nearly upon us, in light of this EEBS will be providing FREE CIS payroll advice to the Construction Industry...

8 December , 2016
Industry News

Onshore Intermediaries Act: 2 years on…

Is that the Light at the End of the Tunnel? Or an Oncoming Train! Nick Pilgrim of EEBS, the leading Construction Industry payroll specialists, analyses...

29 November , 2016
EEBS News, Industry News

Interview: EEBS CIS payroll solution explained!

Nick Pilgrim, Specialist Payroll Advisor talking at the Build Show, NEC Birmingham in October. Nick explains the payroll service that EEBS have been...

1 September , 2016

This October… Construction Payroll Workshops with THE Inside Men!

EEBS team up with Aspire Business Partnerships, the UK's leading construction taxation specialist to talk about payroll taxation issues at the London Build Expo...

31 August , 2016
Industry News

Sharp increase in auto-enrolment enforcements

Enforcement action against businesses that have failed to meet their pension auto-enrolment requirements has risen by 306%, according to data from the Pensions Regulator....

23 August , 2016
Industry News

Nick Pilgrim Shares a SECRET with Professional Builder Magazine’s Readers

Nick Pilgrim, Managing Director at EEBS Limited, looks at the options for contractors to square the circle of needing to maintain a competitive, yet...

23 August , 2016
Industry News

October Construction Payroll Seminars | The Whole Spectrum

This October EEBS team up with Aspire Business Partnerships at this year’s London Build Expo, Olympia and The Build Show, NEC, Birmingham to talk...

8 July , 2016
Industry News

EEBS Launch New Website / Free Compliance Health Check

Leading CIS payroll specialists EEBS unveil TODAY their new CIS payroll solution website www.eebs.co.uk

1 July , 2016
Industry News

Nick Pilgrim answers questions on payroll with Professional Builder Magazine

Nick Pilgrim, Managing Director at EEBS Limited, a leading payroll specialist for the Construction Industry answers questions on how contractors are at risk and...

25 May , 2016
Industry News

Onshore Intermediaries Legislation

In the 2014 budget, significant changes to the way individuals are taxed were introduced. It is vital for building contractors to understand all of...

1 May , 2016
Industry News

Update on Construction Employment Taxation & What You Need to Know

This April saw a number of significant changes to regulations. Nick Pilgrim, Managing Director of EEBS Limited summarises these changes and offers advice...

20 February , 2016
Industry News

Construction Tax Seminar | In case you missed it!

Follow up of the Tax Seminar for the Construction Industry by Aspire Business Partnership

15 January , 2016
Industry News

Construction Tax seminar

Market leading consultant, Alan Nolan of Aspire Business Partnership holds a keynote seminar covering rapid changes in legislation

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