Appoint EEBS as your sub-contract labour supplier and, after a comprehensive assessment of your current employment practices, EEBS will:

Provide a full written summary, and recommend solutions that fit your business needs exactly.
Verify each sub-contractor with HMRC
Take full legal responsibility for the contracted self-employed, or PAYE sub-contractors that you engage through us, dramatically reducing the administration and compliance associated with CIS.
Brief the sub-contractors on the outcome of the assessment, and any changes that may affect them
Calculate and pay CIS or PAYE tax, and take full responsibility for all status submissions to the Revenue

In addition, we will protect your business from the consequences of status review, reduce the risks associated with Employment Rights claims, remove the costs associated with direct employment, and provide clients with complete peace of mind.

We have over 40 clients who have been inspected by HMRC whilst using our services, and our business model has never been challenged.

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