By engaging EEBS as your sub-contract labour supplier you create an unbreachable Firewall that prevents HMRC from reclassifying your self employed sub-contractors as your employees. We provide you with a bespoke online portal for uploading sub-contractor work records and then we take over all responsibility for liaison with HMRC regarding these sub- contractors and the reporting of payments made. This greatly reduces your monthly CIS burden as you only report the monthly payments made to EEBS.

In addition, we will:

  • Verify each sub-contractor with HMRC, and
  • Calculate and pay each sub-contractor in line with your current agreements
  • SMS each sub-contractor how much they are going to be paid
  • Provide both a payment statement (for each time the sub-contractor is paid) and an annual CIS deduction statement.
  • Provide optional public liability insurance, if required.


If you were to face either an HMRC status investigation or an employment tribunal for the tradesmen that we supply, we will manage the entire process for you, and provide legal support. If we were to lose the case (and to date we have never lost a case) we would pay all the associated costs.

Summary of benefits:

  • Dramatically reduced CIS admin burden
  • Removal of the threat from the consequences of status review
  • Elimination of Employment Rights claims i.e. holiday pay, pension contributions, etc
  • Maintain the cost benefits of a self-employed work force Employing individual tradesmen on the card is between 28 % – 42% more expensive than engaging self-employed tradesmen!
  • Increase the flexibility of a self-employed work force with the ability to match staff to workload.

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