As part of our engagement process we operate a detailed assessment of your working practices to identify the correct supply terms to ensure that both you, and the sub-contractors, are completely compliant with all relevant tax and employment regulations.

If, as a consequence of the onshore intermediaries legislation, you are unable to pay tradesmen through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), EEBS can provide alternative engagement options.

We operate a Hybrid self-employed PAYE system for tradesmen that wish to remain self-employed, but who are subject to direction supervision or control within the workplace. While being subject to PAYE subcontractors retain their self-employed status. They remain able to reclaim some expenses and you are not exposed to worker or employee liabilities

We provide you with a bespoke online portal for uploading sub-contractor payments, which greatly reduces your monthly payroll admin burden.

In addition, we will:

  • Assist the individual in obtaining the correct tax code
  • Comply with all the appropriate HMRC reporting requirements
  • Calculate and pay each sub-contractor in line with your current arrangements
  • SMS each sub-contractor how much they are going to be paid
  • Provide both a payment statement (for each time the sub-contractor is paid) an annual P60
  • Provide optional public liability insurance, if required.


If you were to face either an HMRC status investigation or an employment tribunal for the tradesmen that we supply, we will manage the entire process for you, and provide legal support. If we were to lose the case (and to date we have never lost a case) we would pay all the associated costs.

Summary of benefits:

  • Removal of all PAYE admin requirements for the individuals engaged through EEBS
  • Removal of the threat from the consequences of status review
  • Elimination of Employment Rights claims i.e. holiday pay, pension contributions, etc
  • Maintain most of the cost benefits of a self-employed workforce, no exposure to Holiday pay, Pension contributions, PAYE admin, etc
  • Increase the flexibility of a self-employed workforce with the ability to match staff to workload.

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