What about insurance?

It is mandatory for our sub-contractors to have public liability insurance and we allow two options:

Option 1) Labour-only sub-contractors may already be covered by a contingent element of your own Employers Liability Insurance. If you wish to continue with this arrangement, we will ask you to sign a declaration to this effect.

Option 2) Sub-contractors can go to the marketplace and buy their own cover, or they may already hold this.

In addition, EEBS hold Contingent Public Liability Insurance to cover our own position,

and if neither option 1 or 2 apply then any legal liability exposure that could fall on EEBS Ltd arising from the negligence of the sub-contractor will be covered by our policy, but with the cost of our cover being passed on to the contractor, at a rate (currently) of £4.20 a week. Please note that this policy would also pass on a £250 excess to the sub-contractor.

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