Whilst focusing on the technicalities of the supply chain it’s also worth a quick reminder about CIS compliance. If you are a registered contractor within CIS you must submit a monthly CIS300 return, even if you have nor paid any sub-contractors – this would be as a “nil return”. If EEBS is your sole supplier of sub-contract labour we will be the only entry on your CIS300, and the reported figure is  the total of invoices received from us between 6th of the last month to the 5th of the current month, not including VAT. The return must be filed by the 17th of the month.

You must verify either us or any sub-contractor that you pay directly before payment is made!

Failure to comply with this rigid reporting regime can lead to considerable fines or either loss of gross payment status if you have it, or delays in getting it if you plan to apply!

Need more advice? Check out EEBS CIS Payroll FAQ Video Clips