Other than the much forecast (by us and many others) introduction of the deemed employment regulation (IR35) into the private sector, and then only for large companies, The Chancellors budget last week heralded pretty much nil impact into the employment status sector!

So why no legislation on employment status? Especially after all of the hubris that followed the Taylor Review, the Parliamentary Committee on Work and Pensions review of employment status, the publicity surrounding the Pimlico Plumbers case and the four public consultation exercises that focused on potential changes to self-employment?

Well it may be that, in spite of all this activity, the fraught nature of the current Brexit negotiations has already caused plenty of uncertainty for business large and small, and this may well pale into insignificance if we leave the EU without a deal.

Maybe, just maybe, someone in government may have actually thought things through a bit, and recognised that there is already more than enough for businesses to cope with, without introducing massive changes to employment status!

Long live Brexit after all??