EEBS provide you with a bespoke online portal for uploading sub-contractor payments.   We take full responsibility for the employment status of these sub-contractors and liaise with HMRC for the reporting of the payments made.  This greatly reduces your monthly CIS burden as you only report the monthly payments to EEBS as well as preventing HMRC reclassifying your sub-contractors as employees whilst reducing the risk of Employment Rights claims.

In addition, EEBS will:

  • Verify each sub-contractor with HMRC
  • Calculate and pay each sub-contractor in line with your current agreements
  • Text each sub-contractor the amount they are going to be paid
  • Provide both a payment statement (for each time the sub-contractor is paid) and an annual CIS deduction statement
  • Provide limited public liability insurance, if required.

Weekly Payment Process:

Please note that EEBS can make payments on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Monday – The online portal is open for payment submission
  2. Tuesday – payments are submitted online by 4pm
  3. Wednesday – EEBS payroll team make any final amendments or adjustments until 4pm.  After 4pm all clients are invoiced and sub-contractors received their text message detailing the amount they will be paid.
  4. Friday – sub-contractors receive payment.