Did you know that there are two strands of employment law? One for tax, with a different court taking responsibility for Employment Rights.  When engaging sub-contractors make sure you’ve got this covered if in doubt talk to us.

Did you know that the Revenue continuously looks at how companies work with sub-contractors, and if any of the statements below reflect your business, then HMRC are extremely likely to find that these tradesmen are your employees, that they are not genuinely self-employed, that they should have paid more tax, that YOU should be liable for their back tax (and penalties), holiday pay and pension.

  • You use self-employed tradesman without a written contract
  • You supply the majority of the materials, plant & equipment
  • You pay your self-employed tradesman an hourly/daily/weekly rate
  • The sub-contractor cannot demonstrate that the can make a loss as well as a profit
  • The sub-contractor cannot demonstrate that he has an active portfolio of other clients.

Did you know that each year the Revenue target specific industries for investigation; construction is always on the list.  Now using the new monthly online CIS returns they are able to “data mine” submissions in real-time looking for hallmarks of employment.  These include:

  • Sub-contractors with only one “employer”
  • Sub-contractors who are paid regular amounts
  • Sub-contractors receiving fewer payments for materials
  • Sub-contractors who pay no other sub-contractors

Any contractor engaging these types of sub-contractor is flagged as a potential target.

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